The way to dissemination


To increase opportunities for successful social integration of young people at risk and drop outs in a unique way. The aim is their professional development


The way to dissemination is a Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project with the aim to support the innvovation transfer program “Job Circuit” – for professional reintegration for 15 to 25 years old unemployed workers within European Union.
In Europe, an alarming part of the 15 to 20 years old young people quit school because of learning difficulties or lack of knowledge about job market. Excluded young people are hard to track down, that’s why they’re called “invisibles”. With a financial aid from the European Commission, this project aimed to develop a job circuit method called “triple role”. This method consists in establishing cooperation between young outcastes, job market, public structures and educational system. This program is exclusively made for these 15 to 20 years old unemployed young people. According to Eurostats* statistics, 16% of the 18 to 24 year old European population, reach the lowest rate of secondary studies. They are out of the educational system and cannot get any professional formation in European Union. In Norway, 20 to 30% of the 15 to 20 year old population are close to losing the possibility to get graduate someday in spite of the statutary right to education. Job circuit is based on the concept of invidual orientation and of job rotation. It gives to the target group, working notions, work in team advises and information about employment for them to reintegrate society. It is important to identify capacities and hobbies of these people. Within the partnership “the way to dissemination”, a communication strategy is being elaborated and several communications are set to inform all the structures participating in the project. Currently, a web site is being made to promote the project. This strategy could be, in long term, used to disseminate other European programs.


The site was created within EU funded Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Project "The way to dissemination", project no. 2008-1-NO1-LEO04-00051 4.

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